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Amanda Roberts, M.R.E.  804-275-7962, Ext. 1113

Angy Corrigan, Coordinator for Youth and Adult Ministry   804-275-7962, Ext. 1117

Christian Formation

Class forming now for Bishop Barron's Catholicism series - see the Christian Formation Page for more information & registration


Adult and Not Confirmed? 
Adults seeking the sacrament of Confirmation, 
please call  Angy Corrigan  at 275-7962 X1117


                    L.I.F.E.          Living in Faith Everyday



St. Augustine Faith Formation & Sacramental Preparation Programs



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Catechists for L.I.F.E. are needed.  Contact Angy Corrigan X1117 or email acorrigan  


LIFE - Bring your own coffee cup. 


Gospel Contemplation

Preparing for the Sunday Readings

Recommended Websites and Resources

Preparing for the Sunday Readings


The Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University: (*offers some information in Spanish)


Catholic Matters


On the St. Augustine website is a link that will take you to Preparing for This is a one year subscription for parishioners to use to prepare for the readings. Enjoy and let us know how you like the site.



The Sacred Space:


Bible Gateway:


Thomas Merton:


Pray as you go:

Publisher’s Websites


American Catholic:


Loyola Press Web:


Twenty-Third Publications:


Liturgy Training Publications:


Creighton University:


(*offers some information in Spanish)


Military Bulletin Board -  There is a basket in the commons for you to leave pictures of the deployed, reserves, and active duty members of the military.
Vocation videos of our own priests can be found at & The Vocations site is  A Spanish language site will be available this fall at  Site elements include discernment resources for men and women, respectively, aids for promoting a vocation culture within the home, and a range of tools for educators, youth leaders and vocation directors including prayers, videos, best practices, lesson plans and vocation awareness programs.


St. Augustine's CFCA Child
Aurelio Noel Hernandez, or Noel for short, is the child that the Christian Formation group sponsors through the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA).  Noel's birthday is March 10, 1995.  In June 2007, when Christian Formation first started sponsoring Noel, his health was "fair", he could not speak, and he was malnourished.  His mother, Catarina, works as a tortilla maker and there are four other children who live in their house made of bamboo walls, a dirt floor and a tin roof.  Because of your generosity, Noel is now doing well.  Please keep him in your prayers, and thank you for your continued support.

Attention All Parish Catechetical Leaders
is a Diocesan certification program designed for parish catechists of adults, youth or children,
and it provides a program of learning that includes a curriculum of study, prayer and reflection.  For more information, please visit the PATHWAYS web page at the following link:

Gospel Champions
The Parish has purchased the rights to Gospel Champions, a video game that will work wonderfully with our L.I.F.E. program. Gospel Champions recreates Gospel stories in an action arcade game that is fun to play and helps reinforce Gospel stories and Catholic teachings.  Best of all, the game is sequenced with the Lectionary.  Each month the game presents a new Gospel story from one of the readings in Mass, so kids hear it in Mass and play it at home.  For more information and to access the game, go to the following web site:

Click on the link to go to the download page, and then click on the link named Gospel Champions Setup to save the file to your home computer (Note: this is a large file that will take time to download).  OPEN the file named “setup.exe” and use our 9-Digit Access Code S9P R2H H4A when prompted by the installer.  This is St. Augustine’s unique code, so please do not pass it out to anyone.  REMEMBER to check a copy of our bulletin for our password!  System Requirements to operate this game are: Windows Vista, 98, ME, 2000, or XP; 128 MB RAM 800 MHz processor; 3D graphics card; and sound card.

Click here for a printable copy of these instructions.

In the parables Jesus talked about the kingdom of God as already being in the present AND not yet fully accomplished. He expected God’s people to live the tension…we are called to life long continuing formation to do our part in making the kingdom present here on earth.  Because we believe that ongoing faith formation of both adults and children is essential to building the kingdom of God, we offer the following Formational and Sacramental Programs.

En las parábolas, Jesús habló del reino de Dios, ese reino está aquí con nosotros en el AHORA, Y nosotros no lo hemos logrado completamente. El espera que le gente de Dios  viva momentos de tensión… para así nosotros hacer nuestra parte de ese reino presente aquí en la tierra. Porque creemos que la formación progresiva de la fe tanto de los adultos como los niños es  esencial para construir el reino de Dios, les ofrecemos los Programas: Formativo y Sacramental.

Welcoming Information       Background Information       Activities Information   

Welcoming Information (Espanol)    Background Information  (espanol)    Activities Information  (Espanol)

The following information is a brief description of the programs we offer at St. Augustine:

La siguiente información es una breve descripción de los programas que ofrecemos en San Agustín:

1.       L.I.F.E. (Living In Faith Everyday)

This faith journey is for all members of our faith community.  The sessions are held one Sunday a month immediately following the 9am Mass and last approximately 2 hours.  This journey is year ‘round. Children and adults (within peer centered groups) learn age appropriate themes that flow out of our Scriptures from the Liturgy and the Liturgical Year and are the basis of our Catholic faith.  In addition, all participants will receive information packets for the remaining weeks each month to reflect on and utilize at home, school, work, and in the greater community. Participation in this faith journey is required for one full year prior to beginning preparation for the Sacrament of Eucharist or Confirmation.

L.I.F.E. (Viviendo en la fe cada día)  (Espanol)

Este programa es para todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad. Las reuniones serán un domingo al mes una vez terminada la misa de la 1:00pm y tarda aproximadamente 2 horas. Es un proceso que toma todo el año. Adultos y niños (en grupos por edades) aprendan temas apropiados  provenientes de las Escrituras y del año litúrgico, los cuales son las bases de nuestra fe católica. Adicionalmente todos los participantes recibirán  un paquete de información  por el resto de las semanas del mes para reflejarlas y utilizarlas en casa, el trabajo y en todo lugar. La participación por un año en este programa es requisito para la preparación de los Sacramentos de Eucaristía y Confirmación

2.       Baptism for infants and children up to age 7

This program is to prepare parents for the baptism of their infants and young children.  Parents must attend the two class sessions which are scheduled quarterly in the parish in English and monthly in the parish in Spanish.  Baptism is celebrated monthly during Mass.  Call the church office to register for the classes. (Parish Office: 275-7962)

2.      Bautismo para infantes y niños hasta de 7 años de edad.

Este programa deberá preparar a los padres para el bautismo de sus hijos(as). Los padres deben asistir a dos charlas que son planificadas para cada mes en  la parroquia. Tenemos un día de bautismo cada mes del año, este se celebra durante la Misa. Favor llamar la oficina al 275-7962 y hable con someone para inscribirse para bautismo y charlas en español

3.       First Eucharist and Reconciliation Program

This program usually begins for children entering the second grade IF they have completed one year of L.I.F.E. AND are currently enrolled in L.I.F.E. for faith formation.  Older children who have not celebrated the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist must also meet the above requirements. Reconciliation and Eucharist sessions include mandatory parent participation and are held periodically throughout the year.

Programa de la Primera Eucaristía y  Reconciliación           

Este programa generalmente es para los niños que comienzan el segundo grado de escuela SI ellos han completado el primer año de L.I.F.E. Y estén inscritos en el programa de L.I.F.E. para formación de fe.  Los niños mayores de esa edad que no han celebrado los Sacramentos de Reconciliación y Primera Eucaristía tienen que cumplir con este requisito también. Las sesiones de Reconciliación y Primera Eucaristía requieren de la participación obligatoria de los padres y esta sesión comienza todos los años en el mes de octubre. Dos sesiones obligatorias se an en otoño para Reconciliación y dos sesiones obligatorias se dan en invierno por Eucaristía.


Effective July 1, 2010, the Diocese of Richmond has established the following normative policies regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation for adolescents who have received the Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist. These policies are intended to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church while be sensitive to the current state of parish-based youth ministry and religious education programs across the diocese. Listed below are some of the expectations set forth by the Diocese:

·         In order for an adolescent to begin preparing for Confirmation, he or she must be currently enrolled in the 10th grade and at least 15 years of age. Reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation will occur in the spring of the year in which the candidate has completed the preparation.

·         Adolescent Catechesis: Preparation for Confirmation must be a separate and distinct program from the parish youth ministry or religious education program.

·         All Candidates seeking Confirmation must be concurrently enrolled in L.I.F.E. (St. Augustine’s Religious education program) during the year in which they prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

·         Place of Catechesis: All instruction that pertains to the core Confirmation preparation should take place at the candidate’s home parish. Those enrolled in non parish-based religious education (ie. Home school or Catholic school) must prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation in the program at the home parish.


Confirmation preparation sessions will include large group presentations to smaller discussion groups. Casual environments are created; material is presented in various formats and occasionally guest speakers are used. The students are encouraged to ask questions and actively engage in discussions. It is our hope that the students actually ENJOY talking about matters of faith and religion and that they are open to the movement of the Holy Spirit among them.

5.       Confirmation (Adult)

This program is for Catholic adults who have been baptized and received their First Communion, but did not receive the sacrament of Confirmation. For more information call the church office for the program in English or Spanish.

Confirmación para Adultos

Este programa es para los adultos Católicos que se han bautizado y han recibido su Primera Comunión, pero de algún modo no han recibido el sacramento de la Confirmación. Para más información llame a la oficina. 

6.       RCIA and CICCA (The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults and Children)

This process is for anyone who would like to be baptized and initiated into the Catholic Church.  Children age 7 and older enter a two-year process, which begins with enrollment into our L.I.F.E. formation journey.

Adults who are not baptized or baptized Catholic and wish to complete preparation for Confirmation and First Eucharist or adults baptized into another Christian tradition begin this process in late August.  Meetings are Thursdays from 7-9pm with additional sessions as scheduled.  Call the church office for more information.

RICA (Rito de Iniciación Cristiana de Adultos)

            Este es programa para toda persona que desee ser bautizado en la Iglesia Católica. Los niños mayores de 7 años deben entrar a un proceso de dos años el cual comienza inscribiéndose a nuestro programa de formación L.I.F.E.

            Los adultos que no estén bautizados ó católicos bautizados que deseen completar su preparación de Primera Eucaristía y Confirmación ó adultos bautizados en otra tradición cristiana, el proceso comienza en el mes de septiembre. Las reuniones son los domingos de 4 a 6 pm. Para mas información por favor llamar a la oficina al 804 275-7962. 

7.       VBS – Vacation Bible School

This program is open to all children of the parish grades K-6.  Sessions are held for one week in late June from 9am-12noon.  All teens and adults are invited to help with this fun filled week of bible stories, games and activities.  Call the office for more information.

VBS – Escuela Bíblica de verano

            Este programa esta abierto a todos los niños de la parroquia en los grados kinder al 6 grado. La sesión es de una semana durante el mes de julio de 9am-12m. Todos los jóvenes y los adultos están invitados a ayudar durante esta divertida semana llena de cuentos de la Biblia, juegos y actividades. Para más información por favor llame a la oficina parroquial.

8.       Reconciliation

This sacrament is celebrated individually each Saturday at 4:30pm in the Chapel.  Additional opportunities are available by contacting a priest and scheduling a private appointment. Parish communal reconciliation with opportunity for individual confession is scheduled once in Advent and once in Lent.  Watch our bulletin for service dates and times.


            Este sacramento se celebra individualmente cada sábado a las 4:30 pm en la Capilla. Si usted desea una sesión privada, por favor contacte a uno de los sacerdotes. La Reconciliación para la comunidad de la parroquia, con la oportunidad para la confesión individual se planifica una vez durante el Adviento y una vez durante la Cuaresma. Lea el boletín para obtener las fechas y horas del servicio si se produce algún cambio.

9.       Matrimony

A lead-time of at least six months is required in order that a proper preparation may be made for the celebration of the Sacrament.  Please call the Parish Office at 275-7962 for arrangements.


            Se requiere comenzar por lo menos con seis meses de anticipación para obtener la preparación apropiada para celebrar este Sacramento. Por favor  llame a la oficia de la parroquia para hacer los arreglos pertinentes.

10.   Adult Faith Formation

Our L.I.F.E. journey includes all members of our community – especially adults! Please register and join us as we gather together one Sunday each month following the 9am Mass. In addition, the parish bulletin publishes registration information for small scripture or book study groups and other formational opportunities within our parish and the greater community.

Formación de la Fe para Adultos

            Nuestro programa L.I.F.E. incluye a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad, ¡Especialmente a los adultos! Por favor inscríbase y únase a nosotros en la reunión de un domingo al mes después de la misa de la 1:00pm. El boletín de la parroquia publicará información de la inscripción para pequeños grupos de estudio de las escrituras y otros libros de formación en nuestra parroquia y en toda la comunidad.




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