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Office Corner-

The Pastoral Center- office will close from July 30 through August 3, 2018 for staff to work on cleaning and organizing the office.  There will be no meetings or appointments during this scheduled week at the office.  

Caravan will still operate as scheduled.

Roof replacement- Several proposals for the roof replacement were reviewed, and a contractor has been selected. We will be taking a 2ndcollection for the roof replacement at all masses. Please be generous in your support of this project. Envelopes for the roof replacement fund are available in the church and office. The roof replacement is on schedule to begin in July.



Please welcome Sister María del Carmen Galicia Alfaro (a Comboni Missionary Sister) to our St. Augustine Parish Staff.  She has filled the position for Part-Time Volunteer Coordinator for Social Ministry and will be meeting soon with the Committee leaders.  Sister “Mary” is looking forward to meeting our parish community.



Demos la bienvenida a la Hermana María del Carmen Galicia Alfaro, (Hermana Misionera Comboniana) a nuestro personal de la Parroquia San Agustín. Ella ha ocupado el puesto de Coordinadora Voluntaria  a Tiempo Parcial para el Ministerio Social y se reunirá pronto con los líderes de los varios comités.  La Hermana “Mary” está deseosa de conocer a nuestra comunidad parroquial.


Office Communication Corner

In preparation for the roof replacement, several trees were removed surrounding the church. Once the roof work is completed, there are plans to plant flowering bushes such as azaleas and hydrangeas this coming fall in place of the trees that were removed.  Please bear with us as we embark on this much needed roof replacement.


Comunicación de la Oficina

En preparación para el reemplazo del techo, varios árboles que rodeaban la iglesia fueron removidos. Una vez que se complete el trabajo del techo, hay planes de sembrar arbustos que florecen como las azaleas y hortensias este próximo otoño en lugar de los árboles que fueron eliminados. Por favor tengan paciencia con nosotros mientras embarcamos en esta reparación de techo muy necesaria.


Night Manager:

We have an immediate need for three volunteer night managers to cover Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings for three hours from 6:30 pm to 9:30 p.m.

Please contact Caroline Honings or Bill Fields at 804-275-7962 for more information.


Building and Grounds update:

We have submitted a request for a roof repair/replacement bid from seven roofing contractors. These roof contractor candidates will have two months to present their proposals for a roof consultant’s review through Roof Consulting Services Inc.  We hope to have a roof contractor in place for the job by end of April.



This past Monday, carpet cleaning took place throughout church and facility. Please take care not to bring drink, chewing gum or food into the sanctuary.



The information/announcement below is being passed along to you from the Sisters of Bon Secours.

This is regarding three events in 2018 for the Sisters of Bon Secours Vocation Office, Come and See event. The first one being held in March.  The Following is a link to the registration form for use when placing it on line: 

There are three dates noted in the announcement this year and those who respond on line have the opportunity to sign up for the July or October event if they cannot make the March event. 

For any questions, please contact Sue Donovan, Communication Specialist for the Sisters of Bon Secours at   202-363-5705 (office) or 202-413-7045(mobile). 



Do you need to meet with  Wanda Alvarado?  If you would like to meet with Wanda, please call the office and speak with Sandra Chicas to make an appointment. Wanda is only available to meet on Wednesday from 1:30pm to 4pm,Thursday 11am to 6pm,  and Friday 1:30pm to 4pm.


Church: Please keep the wooden doors open between the information hall and church and chapel doors for best circulation when the church air handling system is not in use. As a reminder, please do not prop exterior doors open, turn off all lights and secure all doors before leaving the facility.


Mold mitigation: We have contracted a company to do an assessment of our church for mold. We have received a report of some mold issues and a proposal for mold mitigation. We are in the process of obtaining more bids for the mold mitigation work. Once a company is selected we will begin mitigation immediately.


Volunteers are still needed to help with the facility.  We have many projects to accomplish, and we need a second hand. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you can spare a few hours, please contact Bill Fields

at 804-298-7140.

Caroline Honings

Business Manager/Accountant

St. Augustine Church


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