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Welcome to the St. Augustine Church's Emergency Shelter Operation

St. Augustine Shelter Team and Supporters

 To:  Church team coordinators and team members
       From: Sandra Titus

       The Department of Disaster Services will be offering two classes
which you or any member of your team may participate in.  These will be
taught at the Red Cross building on Cary Street.  If you have new members on
your team or if your team has not yet been trained, this is an opportunity
to take two important classes.

       These classes are:  Shelter Operations - 3 hours - 
beginning at 9:00 AM
                                     Shelter Simulation - 3 hours -
beginning at 1:00 PM

       The first offering of these classes will be Saturday, May 19.
Classes will be taught by Ray Yamaoka.
       The second offering will be on Saturday, July 21. 
Classes will be taught by Marianna Broaddus.

       You may take one class or both on the same day.  If you plan to stay
for both of the classes, you may expect to be there from 9:00 AM until
approximately 4:00 PM. and you should bring a bag lunch. You may take only
one of the classes, either morning or afternoon if you wish.

       Call me if you have any questions.  Please let me know the name and
e-mail address or phone number of anyone from your team who will be
attending any of these classes.

       Thank you,
       Sandra Titus
       # 594-0738


 St. Augustine Shelter Team and Supporters,

 On Saturday, April 14, 2012, at 6:45 am, the Red Cross contacted our shelter team to advise that an apartment fire was in progress; that our team and Beulah Methodist were the nearest shelters; and asked whether we could be prepared to open our shelter.

Paul Bedard activated the shelter team phone tree notification procedures to determine whether we had enough team members to operate the shelter and Katharine Anderson contacted Fr. Mike to get permission to use our buildings.

 Twelve team members confirmed that they were able to respond and Fr. Mike approved the use of our facility to operate an emergency shelter.

 Chain of events:

·        6:45: Sandra Titus, Red Cross called Paul Bedard to alert the team to be ready to open the shelter; Paul advised her that he would alert the shelter team.

·        6:50: Paul activated the team phone tree; all area leads answered; and started calling the team members on their lists.

·        7:14:  7 team members responded that they were available.

·        7:17: Red Cross Disaster Coordinator on way to the fire scene to determine shelter requirements; expect Red Cross situation update in 30 minutes.

·        7:45: team total at 9 available; 2 not available.

·        7:58: Paul sent email to the shelter team and supporters requesting volunteers to open the shelter and serve on shifts over the next four days.

·        8:00: 11 team members available; 4 not available; messages left for 2 members.

·        8:20: 12 team members available.

·        8:30 Deacon Eric confirmed that Fr. Mike approved the use of the building for the St. Augustine emergency shelter; Paul called the Red Cross to report that our shelter was available and 12 team members were available to open it. Advised the Red Cross of a conflict with space on Sunday due to a parish event; but would work to resolve it.

·        8:35 Katharine Anderson advised that there would be adequate space for the shelter on Sunday.

·        8:50: Sandra called to advise our team that the Red Cross Disaster Services manager had determined that they did not need to open an emergency shelter.  Sandra thanked our team on being ready to open our shelter. Paul called all the area leads on the phone tree to terminate the alert; they called all the team members on their lists.

·        9: 13: Paul sent email message to the team and supporters cancelling the shelter alert.

 As a follow up to the Red Cross alert to be prepared to open our shelter on short notice, I wanted to provide some additional information and thank you all for a superb team performance. 

 Dan Dupont            Kathy & Jim Jones            Sue Rupple & Katharine Anderson

Terry Knapp           Dave & Carol Gibson         Jay Brumbaugh

John Callear           Alberto Torres                  Rich Marino & Paul Bedard

Danielle Honings     Julie Harold                      Debbie Williams & Unice Langlois

 It is interesting to note that at the time of the alert 12 were able to respond (an appropriately biblical Easter response). Four had conflicting commitments and two were not available to reply.  Our phone tree worked very well on an early Saturday morning.

 Some lessons learned; others are welcome:

·        Ask the Red Cross if Spanish translators will be needed.  We could then alert the community for additional bi-lingual volunteers.

·        Prepare a draft email alert to the shelter team and supporters (saves time in drafting one upon alert).

·        Prepare alert cancellation email (same reason).  

Thanks and Peace,

 Paul Bedard

St. Augustine Shelter Team

Shelter Planning

Shelter Task Area Leads 
If we are to effectively organize our planning group to accomplish the necessary planning and to lead the effort when called upon by the Red Cross, we need to have leaders in each of the major shelter task areas. We made the following designations for shelter task area leads:

  • Manager: Katharine Anderson (parish staff); Paul Bedard will perform the group organizing/management tasks

  • Food Service: Terry Knapp, Jay Brumbaugh and Dell Dodson

  • Dormitory: Kathy Jones

  • Registration: Kim Ackerman, Sue Ruppel, Danielle Honings, Laura Oliva, Giovanna Pedicini, Maria Torres and Dotty Bedard 
  • Disaster Health: Carol Gibson, Eunice Langlois, and Debbie Williams

  • Disaster Mental Health: Julie Herold

  • Logistics: John Callear  

  • Information: David Gibson and Mike Reardon

  • Communications: Jim Jones

  • Volunteer Coordination and Recruitment: Alberto Torres and Paul Bedard

  • Shelter Operations Center: Dan Dupont and Kirk Orris

  • Hispanic Community Coordination: Alberto Torres

  • Parish Council Contact: Alberto Torres

  • Shift Leader: Dan Dupont, John Callear, Kathy Jones, Terry Knapp, Kim Ackerman and Sue Ruppel

NOTE:  If you cannot perform the task listed for the shelter area, please notify Paul Bedard at 751-0007.  You may also email Paul


Red Cross Training

Red Cross Shelter Training Opportunities


Red Cross Training Class


Saturday April 21, 2012



Shelter Operations

Red Cross Chapter, 420 E. Carey St. Richmond, VA


Saturday April 21, 2012


Shelter Simulation

Red Cross Chapter, 420 E. Carey St. Richmond, VA

Saturday July 21, 2012



Shelter Operations

Red Cross Chapter, 420 E. Carey St. Richmond, VA

Saturday July 21, 2012


Shelter Simulation

Red Cross Chapter, 420 E. Carey St. Richmond, VA

When complete, please contact Paul Bedard  or call 751-0007, or call Katharine Anderson at the Parish office, 275-7562.

Shelter Team Training

*       The St. Augustine Shelter Team and Beulah United Methodist Shelter Team (our neighbors across the parking lot) started discussions on joint team training in the fall of 2011.  WE hope to conduct two training events in 2012.  Look for details as we continue the planning process.

*       We will include all interested parishioners in our training events, and will publicize these opportunities for the parish.

If interested, please email
Paul or call Paul (751-0007); or call Katharine Anderson at the Parish Office, as space is limited.  For Espaņol, contact Alberto Torres.

Shelter Training



Registration  Dormitory
Food Service
Shelter Operations

To be determined

St. Augustine Parish Hall and classrooms

Registration  Dormitory
Health Services
Mental Health Services

To be determined

Beulah Methodist Parish Hall and classrooms


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