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St. Augustine Parish Social Concerns

  This edition of Life Issues Forum is available in English and has been posted to our website, where its Spanish translation will be posted next week. Click here to read in English.

List of Ministries in English     

List of Ministries in Spanish


VCC Four Principles of Catholic Social Teaching

VCC Cuartro Principios de la Doctrina Social


The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship Part 1

The Challenge of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship Part 2 

El reto de formar la conciencia para ser ciudadanos fieles Part 1

El reto de formar la conciencia para ser ciudadanos fieles Part 2

The full document can be read at the USCCB website-here


Clothing Closet is open by appointment only.
Please call or email Katharine in the office
if you are in need of children's clothes sizes newborn thru 14. 


Food Pantry

The Food Pantry is in need of $5 gift cards from area grocery stores, juice, oatmeal, and mixed vegetables.  Please check the expiration date. Consider donating one item every week per person in your household to help those who find themselves in need. Thank you for your generosity.  

currently we need canned soups, bottled or canned fruit juice canned tomatoes, as well as grits, and oatmeal. Many items we purchase on a reglar basis can be gotten at the local "dollar stores."  Shampoo, bar soaps, laundry detergent, toothpaste, rice, instant potatoes, Sunny D, syrup, pancake mix, grape and strawerry jelly are in need.   Please donate your clean paper grocery bags.
Please check the expiration dates. 

Virginia Catholic Conference
Justice for Immigrants

For a list of upcoming Justice & Peace events in the Diocese of Richmond, visit

HOPEFULLY WE’VE JUST BEGUN WHETTING YOUR APPETITE – frequent the web site more often and come to the Justice & Peace: CARES page… here’s a few things the future holds:

It’s all very exciting. Come by to visit; volunteer - there are many opportunities to serve.

We will be updating you about the following "Social Concerns" ministries in the coming weeks.

 CARITAS (How do we pull that off anyway?)

Food Pantry:
     Who does the shopping?
     How many people do we feed on a Saturday?
      What happens when someone drops by without an appointment?

NEWLY forming Social Concerns Ministry

For easy access, put the St. Augustine web site address in your Favorites -





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