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St. Augustine Parish Staff

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Rev. Marlon Portillo, Pastor  
Rev. Jimmy Valencia, Parochial Vicar  
Rev. Msgr. Francis Muench- Weekend Assistant 804-355-9155
Rev. Wayne Ball  - Weekend Assistant 804-677-1854
Rev. Msgr. Michael Schmied, Retired
Rev. Mr. Robert Griffin (Deacon) Admiistrator  Pro-Tem 804-275-7962, Ext.1109

Rev. Mr. Eric Broughton  (Deacon)

Rev. Mr. Chris Corrigan (Deacon) 804-381-1058
Rev. Mr. Al Hallatt (Deacon) 804-551-0746
Main Office
Caroline Honings  (Business Manager/Accountant) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1112
Minerva Vega  (Bi-Lingual Administrative Assistant) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1111
Sandra Chicas (Bilingual Receptionist) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1114
Wanda Alvarado (Bilingual Administrative Assistant) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1110
Fredy Montoya  (Maintenance Manager) 804-240-4331
Pastoral Staff
Katharine Anderson  (Coordinator of Outreach and Justice & Peace - part time) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1115
Vacant  (Pastoral Associate for Christian Formation) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1113
Angy Corrigan  (Coordinator for Youth and Adult Ministry) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1117
Fran Kuzma (Christian Formation Assistant - part time) 804-275-7962, Ext. 1120
Parish Council
Vacant (Chairperson)
Finance Council
Vic Owens (Chairman)  804-425-7170
Stewardship Committee
 Vacant (Chairperson)
Parish Musicians
Kathy Musselman  (Choir Director) 804-790-1469
Joe Oatman  (Musician) 804-641-8419
Alvaro Maldonado  (Musician) 804-237-4790
James O'Brien  (Musician) 804-275-7962

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